good things

-an ongoing list of good things-

Every week we (Chris, Ivy, Mary Kate, Becky (our Food Justice Educator) and I) go to the Watertown Deluxe Diner to share a meal and chat about Food Justice and other things happening in our lives. One of my favorite things that we do every week is share or highs and lows, mountains and valleys, roses and thorns, etc. We try to base these experiences off of the examen, a neat practice I highly recommend. In essence, the Examen tries to get the ‘examener’ to think about when they felt closest to God and most absent from God. Sometimes this works, sometimes we just talk about cute things that happen on the streets of Boston. Either way, it’s a great way to check in with yourself or others, 10/10 would recommend! I think a neat practice to get into this year would be a continual list of good things, highs, mountains, moments where I felt close to God etc. So here it goes!


-The other day on my bus ride home as we were driving over the Charles river a little girl exclaimed, “Momma look it’s so beautiful!” Shoot dang if that’s not the cutest thing you’ve heard this week. It might not but, but it was for me, and my heart is still melting.
-My sister Libby celebrated her 25th birthday! YGG proud of you for living a quarter of a century and all you’ve managed to accomplish, your present is in the mail!
-Short commutes
-Worship at Fourth Presbyterian Church.
-If you’re ever in Boston on a Sunday morning come find me!
-Roommates who are really good at making me laugh
-Parents that are always encouraging even if they don’t know exactly know what I’m doing
-The Hamilton Mixtape-wow those are some gr8 tunes
-Friends that always answer the phone
-Coffee shops that serve great coffee that’s also fair/direct trade
-Farmers markets
-I saw a man reading a poem to another man at the bus stop and I appreciated the vulnerability of the moment.
-Game of Thrones-not sure why this made the list because people keep dying, but I like it
-The kids I work with and the recorders they don’t know how to play…yet…
-Supervisors who let me ask the same question 6 times
-I saw a st. bernard on a hike and that might be a 2016 highlight
-Opportunities to learn and ask questions