On ~God’s Plan~

It’s hard to believe that just about a year ago I was starting my application for my YAV year. Most of my previous semester had been spent trying to figure out if I was going to try and find a real job, or if I was going to ‘take a year off’ and devote some time to ‘giving back’. After a lot of time, prayer, and contemplation I decided on the latter. Thinking back on my time spent considering my options I remember how overwhelmed I felt by all of the options that existed for this idea of a year of service. A quick google search narrowed the pool, and I started my application. While working on my application I would get excited and go back and read blog posts from the then volunteers and think about if accepted, what I would end up writing about on my blog…clearly based on the number of times I’ve posted, it’s not as glamorous as it once seemed.

If you’ve talked to me in the last three years you’ve probably heard that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I want to end up in Nashville. I can’t tell you why, I’ve only been there once, and don’t remember that much of it. It’s just one of those feelings. When I saw that there was a YAV site in Nashville, I knew the stars were aligning and this was my path to end up in a city that, truthfully, I know nothing about.

If you talked to me at all in the time leading up to or during my years spent at FSC (GO MOCS) you’ll know that Florida Southern College is the only school I applied to and when I decided to go there I didn’t have any reservations about not applying to other schools. I knew that’s where I was supposed to be. You could say I like to put all of my eggs in one basket after a lot of contemplation. I would not be a good contestant on who wants to be a millionaire.

Moving on

If we’re like minded individuals you’ll consider God to be one of the universe’s funniest beings. You’ve also probably heard the old saying ‘you make a plan, and God laughs’. During my first interview I was asked what sites I was interested in, and with so much confidence and I proclaimed “Nashville” and didn’t really have any other sites in mind. I was promptly informed that Nashville wouldn’t be a site for the upcoming year and asked what other sites I had considered. I like to think God had a nice little chuckle over this one.

I had glanced at that other sites, but I immediately started thinking that all of the research I had done, and time I had spent on the application was for nothing, and if I couldn’t go to Nashville was this even worth my time?

Yes, the answer is always yes.

Lydia, the woman that did my first interview, asked me some follow-up questions about why I felt called to embark on this journey, and what I was passionate about. All of the answers to those questions lead me on a path to Beantown, (note, I think I’m the only one left in the USA that refers to Boston as Beantown, but I freaking love it so I’m never going to stop).

So here we are 4.5ish months in…

From January 16′-January 17′ I’ve had some really awesome, heartbreaking, inspiring and all those other buzzword experiences. I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve cried, and most of all I’ve learned a lot. More on all of that in a different blog post..maybe…probably…but it might not be until April.

To be totally honest I’m still not sure how I ended up here, and sometimes I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I’m very sure that this is a great exercise in trusting ~God’s plan~, whatever that turn out to be.

Thanks for reading!



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